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12 Nov

Art Basel Sweepstakes

With long extends of sandy shorelines, a conspicuous nightlife, exclusive events, and its VIP customers to boot its no amaze that Miami positions among America’s most notorious urban communities.

This December, Miami will host thousands of international art fans to the host to the thirteenth annual Art Basel Celebration. In excess of 70,000 guests and 250 of the world’s heading displays will unite to bring the art world to one sunny spot.

Headlines & Heroes presents to you the Art Basel Sweepstakes.

Enter to win an outing for two to Miami, including airfare, a three-night stay in an extravagant hotel, and entry to the Art Basel Festival. In addition to the trip to Miami, they’re actually giving the champ a real “Cranes Sont En” Print by James Verbicky with an estimated value of $12,000.

Enter to win an authentic print by artist James Verbicky in addition to an excursion Art Basel Miami from Headlines and Heroes’ Art Basel: Miami Giveaway Sweepstakes.

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07 Jul

Choosing The Best Men’s Gifts

hh-post-imageSelecting the ideal gift is a skill. Would they use this? Do they actually need this? It can take lots of time to truly narrow down the ideal gift for the ideal occasion. You probably find yourself asking a lot of questions discussing each present you buy. Which is the main reason why Headlines & Heroes is the ideal tool for selecting the ideal gift and saving your time. Unfortunately, time is something that not that many of us have plenty of. Finally, the times of last minute scrambling to find that gift you have been putting on the backshelf for months are gone.

Headlines & Heroes is the premiere men’s gifts and lifestyle site. Promoted as “your curator of cool for devices, gear, girls, and the best presents for men on the whole, worldwide interweb,” Headlines & Heroes has a voice like no other and an eye for the coolest men’s gifts and products out there. Each product comes equipped with a dashing description highlighting key traits of the product, laying out everything that you need to know for making your acquisition.

Broken down by category, Headlines & Heroes presents the best gear out there from devices, rides, entertainment, living, culture, body, and style. They even offer present guides for holidays and big occasions like housewarming parties and even for pet lovers. But if that isn’t enough you can also browse by price, ensuring you do not fall completely in love with a present that out of your financial position. Although we can’t guarantee you won’t be spending hours browsing the pages of Headlines & Heroes, however it sure beats spending ages in an overcrowded mall.

07 Jul

Luxury Condo Continuum Miami

Miami Luxury Condo

Miami Luxury Condo

Miami is speedily becoming one of the most sought after towns in the world for real estate. The luxurious properties, wonderful views, active social scene, and rich culture Continuum Miami offers has gathered both but domestic and global attention. The Miami Real Estate market is booming and continues to reflect strength and growth. Actually sixty-two percent of buyers in Miami are international buyers.

From what used to be a seasonal town, the sex city has transformed to a year-round hot spot destination. Commonly referred to as a “little New York,” Miami is the 2nd most well liked financial hub in the country to New York City. Actually, many financial titans and A-listers have made the move from New York the rich cultural city. It’s also one of the top 5 beach cities in the world.

Are you in the marketplace for a luxurious large apartment but are deterred by the tax results of bigger towns? As the mecca of luxury condos Miami just might be the move for you, especially being that Florida has lower individual taxation levels that bigger cities like Manhattan, Chicago, and LA.

South Beach is quickly becoming the center of ultra-luxurious tall oceanfront properties. Representing the apex of luxurious living, these South Beach properties offer amenities similar to a five-star resort. Standard facilities include floor-to-ceiling windows, 24-hour concierge and security services, health clubs and spas, business centers, beach access, and unprecedented ocean front views. Luxury condos like Continuum Miami on South Beach are all ideally located for enjoyment in everything South Beach has to offer.

27 Jun

Embrace Empty Nest Traveling

So the children finally left home. They are out of the house, living on their lonesome, and starting to write the story to their own lives. You need to feel proud and excited; after all, your babies are all grown up now, right? If not, you most likely have a case of Empty Nest Syndrome. You’re probably asking, what is Empty Nest Syndrome? According to Psychology Today, Empty Nest Syndrome “is a feeling of isolation or depression that occurs among folks after children grow up and leave home.” Now, does that sound familiar? Like so many parents before you, dealing with empty nest syndrome could be a very complicated. It’s time to embrace being an empty nester and begin to celebrate life after your youngsters have grown up. But don’t be scared if you’re an empty nester pondering what precisely to try next. Empty Nesters Travel has everything you need to start your journey.

Coming down with a case of the travel bug with a family in toe can truly place a burden on how exactly you travel. Although the family holidays may have provided you with some of your most adored memories, it’s time to start exploring by yourself. After all, the kids have ultimately flown the coup and you’re free to see and do the things you weren’t able to do before. As a parent, traveling became more about your children than it probably did about you, however you now have the freedom to embrace empty nest traveling. 

Did your kids used to complain about going to museums? Did hearing “Dad this is so boring!” or “Mom, when’s lunch?” or “Why can’t we go to the theme park like all the other kids?” make it hard to take in all of the sites? Was it tough to actually enjoy exploring art, history, and culture with a cranky 3 year old tugging at your shirt and screaming in your ear? Now, empty nesters travel to the places they need, on their terms, and can see what they’d like to see! What about all of those long summer walks you were always wanting to take? Back packing through the Rockies can be tough when you have a push chair, diaper bag, and all the prerequisites for your youngsters. Nevertheless now the youngsters are writing off their own stories, an empty nester can travel and write his / her own story. 

Spending a week in Tahiti can be hard when your youngsters have a soccer tournament and cheerleading practice to go to. Nonetheless those days are gone! With the kids grown, and summer soccer practices a thing of times past, empty nesters travel to where, when they desire and do not need to worry about making it home in time for practice. 

Now that you’ve raised your kids, the time has come to start to do things for the pair of you. As an empty nester you have the liberty to celebrate life you’re way. Whether or not it’s traveling around the world or exploring your home state, embrace wherever empty nesters travel. So what are you waiting for? .